We manage the statutory procedures required for the good corporate governance of private residential estates and apartment complexes through the following services:

  • Management of the establishment of companies, sectional title bodies corporate, management associations and home owners associations through instructing and liaison with attorneys in the drafting of articles of association, sectional title body corporate rules, use agreements, constitutions etc. 
  • Management of all directors/trustees meetings including drawing up of board papers, distributing same, arranging venues, recording minutes of meetings and correct administration thereof in minute books.
  • Management of all meetings of members/shareholders including drawing up and distribution of notices of meetings, quorum requirements, arrangements of venues, recording minutes of meetings and maintaining of minute books.
  • Company secretarial functions regarding maintaining shareholder and/or member registers including changes to memberships/ shareholders including all correspondence with members.

We manage the continuous maintenance of the physical infrastructure and services of properties to ensure that properties are kept in a state of good repair and all basic services are efficiently provided. Our services include:

  • Management of service providers to properties concerned eg. Security services, provision of electrical services, provision of water services, telephone services, waste removal services, sewage treatment services.
  • Monitoring of compliance with architectural design manuals in consultation with independent architects and implementation of procedures necessary to ensure compliance where non-compliance has occurred.
  • The provision of electricity vending services whereby property owners who have pre-paid electricity meters installed in their dwellings are able to purchase electricity coupons.
  • Monitoring of contractors and ensuring compliance with environmental standards and rules established by Trustees.
  • Management of plan approval processes in consultation with independent architects where architectural guidelines apply.
  • Management of occupation procedures and management of change of ownership of dwellings or properties by issuing of consents to transfer.
  • Co-ordination of approvals and final acceptance of plans.

We assist in assuring the financial well-being of properties through the following services:

  • Collection of levies, management of debtors and liaison with collection attorneys with regard to accounts handed over to them. Management of unidentified receipts. Management of rejected payments.
  • Compilation of audit files, liaison with auditors, management of the presentation and approval of audited financial statements.
  • Keeping accurate financial records and reporting regularly to Trustees/Directors in relation to the above.
  • Administering income tax affairs and annual tax returns to the Receiver of Revenue.
  • Setting up and administering the accounting records of the entity concerned.
  • Management of and raising of miscellaneous charges such as water accounts, fines etc, etc.
  • Management and payment of salaries, including submission of UIF and PAYE returns
  • Management of insurance portfolios including administration of claims arising therefrom.
  • Cashflow management including appropriate investment of surplus funds.
  • Establishment and management of debit order collection systems.
  • Opening of bank accounts and arranging cheque signatories
  • Administering VAT registration and all subsequent VAT returns.
  • Monitoring and processing payment of all expenditure.
  • Compilation of budgets

We offer a wealth of experience in all processes of property development. Our services include:

  • Management of the establishment of companies, sectional title bodies corporate, management associations and homeowners associations through the instruction and liaison with attorneys in the drafting of articles of association, sectional title body corporate rules, use agreements, constitutions etc.
  • Co-ordinating the final designs and tender procedures and managing the installation of the roads and services and the building of the residential or infrastructural elements.
  • Obtaining of development rights through the co-ordination of rezoning applications, environmental impact assessments, traffic studies and subdivision applications.
  • Planning the layout designs and testing viabilities through liaison with planners, civil engineers, electrical engineers, architects and quantity surveyors.
  • Establishment of marketing plans, sales documentation, appointment of sales agents and co-ordinating the implementation thereof.
  • Selection of products to be developed whether erven, group housing schemes, sectional title schemes or lifestyle villages.
  • Establishment of architectural guidelines appropriate for each development.
  • Co-ordination of the transfers in conjunction with transferring attorneys.
  • Identification of appropriate land for development