Company Profile

Land & Sea is a property management and administration specialist business that provides a wide range of services to developers, bodies corporate and homeowner associations.  

Through the extensive experience of Phil Calothi and Richard Calothi, as well as the  support of a passionate team, we streamline processes and improve efficiencies to ensure peace of mind for property owners and developers. Our mission is to provide an exemplary and comprehensive property management service to both new and existing homeowners associations and sectional title schemes.  Over time, we have come to find that many established homeowners associations and bodies corporate have, sometimes unknowingly, been receiving inadequate service from their current property managers, and have subsequently benefitted from the increased support of our attentive service.  

We strive to continue to provide this service and in doing so, preserve and improve the values of our members’ properties.

New Sectional Titles Management Act and Ombuds Service

On the 7th October 2016 the new Sectional Titles Management Act (STMA) and Community Schemes Ombud Service Act (CSOSA) were published. As of the 7th October 2016 all sectional titles schemes and community schemes will governed by the these new acts. All owners are now required in terms of the new CSOSA to pay a monthly ombuds levy. The main purpose for the establishment of the CSOS is to make provision for inexpensive and accessible dispute resolution as well as taking control over your scheme’s governance documents (rules, constitutions, etc.)

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15 Grotto Mews, 3 Grotto Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town